Saturday, April 21, 2012

Fabulous Fifteenth Fabric Freebie Winner

When to wash and when not to wash!!! Thanks for all the input - very enlightening!

Placed the names in the resident cowboy's trusty black hat:

And drew name from the hat!!!

Congratulations, Sallie, send me your mailing address (my email is enabled on my profile) and I'll get this in the mail next week (whenever I go to town!)

Thanks again for all who participate in this monthly event! It blesses and I hope it blesses you!!

Friday, April 20, 2012

Barrister's Block Sow-A-Long

Like Janet O., I'm caught up!!! Took a little time this morning - away from TWQ - and stitched up the latest blocks from Randy's SAL. At times this is a little challenging, because I usually use solids very sparingly (unless it is a two tone quilt - and then I like using white and one other solid) - I love mixing prints. But I'm pleased with the overall look of what I accomplished in these last 8 blocks.

I'm so glad that Randy includes lots of star blocks (in case you didn't know - stars are my FAVORITES!!!!) LOL!!!

I really like the color scheme I put together for the Sawtooth Star - so much in fact that it has inspired my next small quilt - of course put on hold - but one I plan to make for Valentine Decor. I'm going to call it Chocolate Covered Cherries!!! Appropriate don't you think!!

Hope ya'll have a very Blessed Weekend!! I'll draw a winner tomorrow morning for the Fabric Freebie!

Until then!!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Liebster Blog Award

I don't usually pay much attention to awards or recognition on my blog - I just blog to chat with fellow quilters, but Jeanneke honored me by selecting me (along with several others) for this award - it goes to some one who has less than 200 followers and who has inspired, encouraged or otherwise caught your attention! Thanks Jeanneke!!!

So I'm passing it on to 5 bloggers that I follow who inspire me. It was very difficult to just choose just 5, but I did because I think this is good way to get to know new fellow bloggers!!

1. Michelle - amazing flower photography, and super cute hexie blocks!!

2. Kylie - amazing use of color in her quilting projects! and a darling family!         

3. Rhonda - I know she is close to 200 followers, but Rhonda is an Artist Extraordinaire - but she
 humors me with nice "geometrics" often!

4. Lucy - This is one of the very first blogs that I began to follow - not only is Lucy an accomplished quilter, she is an amazing photographer and a great encourager! Such in inspiration for your whole life! P.S. I don't know how many followers she has - but she is still a great one!!

5. Quilt Happy - This is a relatively new blogger who always has positive things to share!! Just cheers me up!

I want all of you who I correspond with, that I cherish my blogger friend relationships!! They have had a great impact not only in my quilting, but my whole life

Blessings to each and every one!!!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Wedding photos!

The photographer for our son and DIL's wedding has a blog!!! So go here and look at what they posted!! I can hardly wait to see all of them and make my choices - like I'll be able to choose just a few!! I think the photographers did an outstanding job!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Fabulous Fifteenth Fabric Freebie

Yes, it is that time again!!! I hope you like my fabric choices this month!! I love them. This time it is 8 FQ from Connecting Threads "Hope Chest" collection. It was on special a couple of weeks ago and I needed some fabric for a BOM, and I fell in love with this red and yellow collection. So wanted to share it with you.

I made this block for our guild BOM.

 It's called a "10 Minute Block" and it only has three seams! (Not counting the stitching down of the cathedral window center!) It was super easy and if you want to see how to make it go here. Our guidelines were for five 5 inch squares and the unfinished block size is 9 1/2". I think it turned out real cute.

Now to enter the giveaway for the fabric: Just leave a comment on this post telling me if you wash and press your fabric before you use it. Why or Why not?

99.9 % of the time I wash and press all my new fabric. Once in a while (if I'm in a hurry) I won't, but I really don't like the sizing that is on most new fabric. Even though ironing is my very most dreaded household chore, there is something soothing about ironing new fabric!! So, your fat quarters are washed and pressed!!

I'll draw sometime Friday or Saturday and post then!

Blessings to Ya'll!!!!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Wedding Weekend

I usually keep my posts focused on quilting things, but I just had to share a few snippets from this past Blessed Easter Weekend - not only did we celebrate the resurrection of our Lord and Savior, but we celebrated the beginning of the new life together of our son, Rygh, and his beautiful bride, Lyn. It was truly a spectacular time!!

We traveled south about two hours through the Hill Country of Texas and saw a spectacular display of God's beauty with all the wonderful wildflowers! Pictures cannot capture the beauty!!

We were so blessed to be able to stay in a restored 1900 Farm House on the resort where the wedding was held. Mike and I shared the house with our two oldest daughters and their husbands and it was wonderful!

If you want to see more wonderful professional photos of this beautiful resort go here.

It was a new experience for me being the "mother of the groom", but I was so blessed this weekend. My oldest daughter and her husband were indispensable in the assistance for the rehearsal dinner! They helped make arrangements and then helped decorate. It was a wonderful evening, at a wonderful place, with a wonderful view of the river, with absolutely wonderful people!! Then all the kids made "un-decorating" a breeze!! Then our kids played chauffeur to us the rest of the weekend and drove us where ever we needed to be! Boy I was pampered!

I made my son's favorite chocolate cake for the event and since have found out that many friends and family call it their favorite now!

The beautiful Bride to be and her father!

The grandmother of the bride, my youngest daughter, Mollie, my second daughter, Mandie and her husband, Bobby!

This beautiful hankie was a gift to me from Lyn and it reads:
"Doniene, thank you for raising the man of my dreams. Lyn April 7, 2012"

You got it! The tears started rolling Friday night and pretty much went on all weekend! Now you see why I think my DIL is so very special!

The last photo for today is of Mike's boutonniere and my corsage. They are so beautiful!

I will post a few pictures of the actual wedding when I get them! Until then, Blessings to Ya'll!!!!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Barrister's Blocks and a Special gift!

Wonderful Sunday afternoon to each and every one of you!!! I've been busy on TWQ - hope to soon have a picture of progress for those that want to see it via email!

I did sit down this afternoon and caught up on Randy's Sow-a-long. I too had to make a correction on my sickle block - I confess - I didn't read the cutting instructions that closely!! LOL I decided to make my Papa's birds blue - hence Papa's Blue Birds! I think it turned out fine!! I think I'm on a "one color" trend as my patchwork star is all green, but you know, I like it too!! Not something I usually do!

As she sometimes does, Janet surprised me with a little gift! I had admired this darling angel fabric in her stash that she had received from Randy and she very graciously forwarded it on to me! It will go into one of my Christmas quilts which for the time being are on hold. But I was very excited to get it!! Thanks Janet!

She also included an absolutely gorgeous fat quarter that I pick up and admire several times a day!! Such a rich, warm tone. I think it would make very cute little baskets - and I was doing so well resisting the Blessings Baskets SAL!!! Thanks Janet! Now it looks like I will have to dive in!!!

Our weather here in Texas has been a little hot these past few days, but we have a chance for rain and cooler weather!! I'm busy with the garden, and will plant some more vegies next week after The Wedding!

Blessings to Ya'll!!